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🚀Baku Travel Vlog I Maiden Tower, Flame Towers and Upland Park

Baku Boulevard (Azerbaijani: Dənizkənarı Milli Park, also known as Naonal Park) is a promenade established in 1909[1] which runs parallel to Baku’s seafront. Its history goes back more than 100 years, to a me when Baku oil barons built their mansions along the Caspian shore and when the seafront was arficially built up inch by inch. The park is about 3 km and 750 m in size and located in south coast of the Caspian Sea. It starts at the Naonal Flag Square and ends at Freedom Square. According to the Azerbaijan Cabinet of Ministers, the boulevard’s size is expected to reach 26 km, which will cover areas including Bibiheybət and Bay of Baku by 2015. The project on expansion of the Baku boulevard aims at creang more comfortable condions for the residents of the capital city and the guests to have a rest and take sports in more comfortable condions at the Caspian seashore. Before the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 the boulevard was extended to the Naonal Flag Square.


Maiden Tower (Girl History)

Once upon a time, there was an ancient town-fortress of Baku. The fortress had a Fire Temple-Tower. In very ancient times, an enemy encircled the fortress. The enemy ordered Baku’s people to surrender but they refused. So the enemy launched a siege to demolish the fortress and capture all inhabitants as slaves. Many fortress’ defenders died trying to stop enemy attacks. Meanwhile, the enemy’s commander ordered the water supply lines to be cut. So everybody was thirsty inside the fortress. No water no food, only blood and death. And the Supreme Magi, together with other priests, prayed to the Holy Fire in the fortress’ Fire Temple-Tower, asking the God of Ahura Mazda to help the people. They prayed day and night asking Ahura Mazda to save their life and to push the enemy back. Finally, he heard their prayers. On the next day, the people saw that a large piece of the Holy Fire fell down from the top of the Fire Temple-Tower. A beautiful girl came out from the fire. She had long fire-colored hair. The crowd went down on their knees and started to pray to her. She said: “Don’t worry. I’ll help and protect you. Give me a sword and a helmet.


The enemy should not see my girl’s hair, open a fortress’ gate”. Meanwhile, the enemy’s commander was waiting outside for the fortress’ pahlevan for one-to-one combat. If the fortress’ pahlevan had won the fight, then the enemy’s army would back away. But if the enemy won, they would capture the fortress and all surviving inhabitants would be slaves. The fortress’ gate was opened and the enemy’s commander saw that one pahlevan was coming to fight him. The heavy battle began. In one of God’s blessed moments, the fortress’ pahlevan unhorsed the enemy and put a knife direct to his neck. The enemy’s commander screamed: “You win! Who are you? Take your helmet off. I want to see your face, pahlevan!” He took off the helmet and saw that the fortress’ pahlevan was a beautiful girl with long fire-colored hair. He exclaimed: “Oh, you are a girl! You are brave and beautiful girl! If girls of Baku are so brave, I’ll never capture your fortress! Don’t kill me, beauty!” He fell in love with her for her beauty and bravery. He asked her to marry him. Of course, the girl did not kill him. She fell in love with him too for his open heart. Thus, the enemy did not capture Baku and the local people named a tower as the Maiden tower

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