Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

About Us

About Touches

Touches mission is to access the world’s opportunities by the events.

The world is rapidly developing, and we can become part of the speed by properly evaluating opportunities. We want people to create education and tourism opportunities with events. Touches will be added to Your Calendar services, it is soon. If you attend any event in any country in the world during vacation, rest and your holiday time, Touches Calendar will offer you these amazing services.

As a team of Touches, we have participated in Erasmus + project, expanded our cooperation. We have decided that we will be the organizer of this project and we have succeeded. Touches is a close supporter and organizer in implementing education and tourism project in different countries. The social project has a variety of successes in starting up, building a business model, and organizing competitions.

​Touches will hope Your happiness is deeper than an ocean.

To fund delegates, promote your events on our platform, and support Touches, please contact: