Thu. Jul 18th, 2019

Erasmus+ Youthpass

Professional skills: It’s time to plan your future

Venue: Baku, Azerbaijan
When: 20 April – 2 May

Participating countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan Our objective is to develop leadership skills and entrepreneurial thinking among the participants. We want to inspire the youth to create new ideas, motivate them to do new deeds, to venture far from their comfort zone and be ready to take risks, think out of the box and learn to motivate themselves and those around them. Another of our objectives is to prepare the participants to find ways out of difficult situations, not to fear accepting responsibility and stand out from other people, which will contribute to faster career growth.

Erasmus+#youthpass Group visit to @cocacola_az and Veysəloğlu MMC. “We were lucky to have all #youthpass participants join us in #Baku for 12 days of learning”. A big thank you to @cocacola Azerbaijan, Young Business Factory and Veysəloğlu MMC for leading the session and campus tour for hosting us!

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This project creating the next wave of possibilities and ensuring a safer #future as we move more and #more of our everyday activities. European and Azerbaijan students have developed their entrepreneurship skills through a dynamic range of activities. I would like to thank my valuable partner and colleague at the Young Folks for all your support. We are honored to collaborate in elevating the role of young leaders in improving communities!

Our main goals are based on using nonformal methods of education, we would be able to
develop different professional skills, to help youngsters from Latvia, Finland, Lithuania,
Ukraine and Azerbaijan to understand what kind of job they prefer, to raise social
awareness, develop entrepreneurial thinking and intelligence and to change the attitude
towards life spheres.

Entrepreneurship continues to be a powerful vehicle for global youth engagement.

That’s everything from us here in #Baku
See you all at our next projects!

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Professional Skills: it’s time to plan your future!

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