Thu. Nov 14th, 2019

Amazing Skeleton Head in Baku Travel Vlog I Touches

About Touches Vlog 

Azerbaijan is a modern and strong country attached to its past and advancing confidently into the future. Azerbaijan is a country cherishing its values. Respect for national and moral wealth, history, traditions, the human factor and citizens is our top priority. The overall shape of the building resembles a wave-like ascension from the ground towards the sky followed by gradual descent down to the earth. This is not only a tribute to post-modern architecture, but also a portrayal of an eternal cycle.

The lines on the building-bridge the past with the present. Harmonious link between the Center’s exterior and interior aspires to remove any boundaries in the building’s perception considering that this place is meant to be open anyone irrespective of gender, race and origin by bringing people together united by shared ideas. Metal construction network with an overall lenghth of 90 kilometers was used for the building’s roof covering only.

12 027 pieces of special panels of a very specific shape of its own varying from triangle to trapezoid and from rectangle to parallelogram were used on the Center’s roof,which has an overall coverage 40 000 square meters The whole complex encompasses the main building, underground parking and adjacent landscape area.

The landscape area includes 2 decorative pools and an artificial lake. The building’s dominant white color,along with symbolizing the bright future,also conveys a set of specific messages.It is this color that through a very unusual natural light reflection spells out the building’s eye-catching shape.

The Mission of Touches 
The World’s most promising tourism destination, all countries, startups, and events get inspired for every week which is a video, by Touches Youtube Channel. Baku Travel Vlog: Elon Musk: Touches Youtube Channel: Join me and Touches on my trip to all the World Countries. Touches Official Website:

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