Thu. Nov 14th, 2019

WBG Youth Summit Competition in Washington, US (Fully Funded)

Call Deadline: October 6, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET
Duration: December 2-3, 2019
Nationality: All around the World 
Summit will be in Washington, US

Program Overview 

The 2019 World Bank Group (WBG) Youth Summit Competition challenges young social entrepreneurs to submit innovative proposals for scalable enterprises that leverage smart technology to build sustainable and inclusive cities that will serve the needs of 1 million people by 2030. We want to hear from young changemakers across the globe on how we can leverage the growth of cities for more sustainable and inclusive communities.


The 2019 WBG Youth Summit Competition challenges young people to harness digital technologies to:

  1. Address the rising impacts of climate change and pollution in urban cities; and/or 
  2. Promote urban inclusion to enhance social, political, and economic empowerment.

The competition provides a forum for young people to identify problems in their communities and craft innovative solutions for smarter and more resilient cities. It aims to stimulate entrepreneurial problem solving and create a dialogue on innovative ways to unlock obstacles that have traditionally hindered investment in smart cities.


Why Participate?

  • Do you have an idea that has the capacity to leverage technology to build sustainable and inclusive cities to positively impact your community, your country, and/or society at large?
  • The 2019 WBG Youth Summit Competition provides the opportunity to share your idea, connect with peers and high-level experts, and explore how to bring your idea to the next level.


Who Should Participate?

–        The Competition is open to individuals or teams of 1-4 people, aged 18 to 35 as of 11:59 pm ET on October 6, 2019.

–        Teams and individuals are limited to one submission each.

–        Active World Bank Group staff including consultants and interns are not eligible to participate in the Competition (active staff at the time of the submission up until the closing of the 2019 Youth Summit).

2. Prepare a proposal outlining your idea, complying with the following submission rules:

–        Proposals must be created and owned by the participants.

–        Proposals must be submitted in English.

–        Proposals shall provide an innovative and action-oriented business or policy idea that leverages technology to build sustainable and inclusive cities.

–       The problem and the proposed solution outlined by proposals must:

  1. Relate to at least one of the pillars outlined above.
  2. Apply to at least one client country of the World Bank Group

–        Proposals must:

  1. Provide a short 2-5 sentence summary of the idea;
  2. Describe the specific problem/need that the proposed solution seeks to address;
  3. Describe the innovation or solution proposed to address this specific problem/need (e.g. a product, service, program, policy, course, initiative, etc.)
  4. Explain how your proposal is unique relative to existing approaches; and
  5. Describe your main strategies for ensuring financial sustainability in the future.

–        Proposals will be assessed on the following judging criteria:

  1. Clarity, scope and relevance of the problem and of the proposed solution;
  2. Innovation and originality;
  3. Feasibility of implementation and sustainability over time;
  4. Potential for impact; and
  5. Compliance with competition criteria.

Please refer to the Competition Terms and Conditions for further information about the judging criteria.

–        Proposals must be between 1,000- 2,500 words in length (including all bodies of text, titles, headings, tables, textboxes, footnotes, endnotes, references, appendices, etc.) and must not exceed 4 pages in total.

–        The following information must be provided at the top of the first page of proposals:

  1. The names and respective countries of citizenship of the participant(s) – for teams, all team members’ names and respective countries of citizenship shall be listed;
  2. The final word count (all-inclusive).

3. Read and ensure you accept the Competition Terms and Conditions.

4. Submit your proposal by 11:59 pm ET, October 6, 2019 via the online competition submission form. You will be asked to provide information about team members and to upload your proposal.


Application Guidelines 

Stage 1 – Submit your Proposal (Deadline: October  6, 2019)

Participants must submit their proposal by October 6, 2019. Proposals will be evaluated by an expert committee. Shortlisted individuals/teams will be announced by early November and will proceed to the next stage.

Stage 2 – Refine your Idea & Prepare your Pitch (November 2019)

Individuals/teams shortlisted in Stage 1 will receive feedback on their proposals and may be asked to submit further information, refine their proposals and/or submit short pitching videos. The expert committee will select finalists who will proceed to Stage 3.

Stage 3 – Pitch your Idea at the 2019 Youth Summit (December 2-3, 2019)

Finalists will join the 2019 WBG Youth Summit at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC. Travel expenses will be covered including lodging for up to three nights for one representative from each finalist team. Finalists will showcase their proposals on the second day of the Summit, pitching their proposal in front of a judging panel, attending delegates, and a live-streamed online audience. One winner will be selected by the judging panel, and another winner will be voted for by the audience.


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