Thu. Jul 18th, 2019

Young Peacebuilders’ Forum 2019 in Bogota, Colombia

Call Deadline: April 03, 2019 
The forum will be taken in Bogota, Colombia

Program Overview 

The United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY Peacebuilders) is looking for two facilitators to coordinate the 2019 Young Peacebuilders’ Forum. Supported by UNOY’s members in Colombia, UNOY Peacebuilders’ 5th edition of the Young Peacebuilders’ Forum will take place in Bogota from 15 to 18 July 2019 and bring together 55 to 70 young peacebuilders from the American continents and beyond. This year’s theme—‘Leaving No Youth Behind Through Resolution 2250 and Agenda 2030’—has been chosen to bring policy into action, to map youth engagement with Resolution 2250 and Agenda 2030, and to identify their significance for youth-led peacebuilding.


On a continent where young people are at the forefront of social change, political transition, reconciliation, and resilience building, understanding what these policies mean for their everyday peacebuilding endeavors are crucial, along with how these can in turn shape global, regional, and local policies. At the YPF, we will discuss what inclusivity means for youth-led peacebuilding, and how young people in the Americas can use and shape the policy conversation to build more peaceful, inclusive, and just societies.

Main objectives of the Forum

1) Create a stimulating yet open space for young peacebuilders to build concrete
and meaningful partnerships and cooperation beyond mere networking;
2) Foster a multi-angled and lively discussion on the place and role of global
agendas in peacebuilding processes in the Americas and beyond;
3) Generate a comfortable space for participants to share experiences, methods,
narratives, and to learn from one another, in the shape of a “methods market”;
4) Expand and strengthen the UNOY network in the Americas by bringing together
young leaders and increasing our visibility regionally.




– Is aged between 18 and 35;
– Is fluent in Spanish and English;
– Is familiar with the work of UNOY and the network (including its members);
– Is able to facilitate interactive meetings, provide inspiring input for discussions,
coordinate and summarise contributions of the participants, connect young
peacebuilders to each other, and present the results of the various sessions;
– Is experienced in peacebuilding, conflict transformation and/or using
narrative-based methodologies;
– Has strong communication skills and intercultural sensitivity;
– Is willing to commit sufficient time and effort into the content preparation and
setup of the Forum.


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