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Young Scientist Mobility Grants in Switzerland (Fully Funded)

Call Deadline: December 31, 2019
Value of Amount: 5’000 CHF
Location: Switzerland

Program Overview

Mobility represents a strategic element to develop new partnerships between countries. Through the exchange of students and researchers, higher education institutions can establish new partnerships, thus enlarging their international network. Mobility grants allow researchers and students to build personal contacts and relationships, which represent the foundation of fruitful and long-lasting collaborations between

institutions. Moreover, when mobility grants target young scientists, they allow to include the next generation of scientists in the collaborations making them more sustainable.

The “young scientists’ mobility grant” will target:
– Developing individual capacities (human capital),
– Fostering scientific progress and innovation (scientific prospects),
– Establishing or enhancing networks among young researchers (networking).



The maximum amount for a mobility grant is 5’000 CHF.

a) Budget for Swiss scientists going abroad
The Leading House will fund flights for Swiss candidates (actual cost up to CHF 1,000) and will provide a living allowance of a maximum 4,000 CHF for the entire duration of the stay. The grant can include living costs, a flat rate for travel expenses and if justified, a contribution towards research and conference costs.

The hosting partner abroad should fund the working position for Swiss candidates: this can include, but it is not limited to, adequate office space, disposal of appropriate research facilities, access to the internet and other services, etc.

b) Budget for scientist from abroad in Switzerland
The Leading House will fund living allowances for candidates from abroad (actual cost up to CHF 2,500 per month), while the partner institute abroad should fund their flights.

Please note that the Leading House will disburse funds to the Swiss sending and/or host institute only. It will make no remittances to any other organization (e.g. host institution, tax authorities, insurance companies, etc.) or individual. The Swiss institute will be responsible for
spending the grant money in the spirit of this application.



Mobility grants can be awarded to young scientists who hold a Bachelor or Master’s degree but no Ph.D. yet, and with not more than 6 years of professional research experience. The call is open for activities in all scientific disciplines and fields of research. Activities may include fieldwork and/or an internship in relation to the applicant’s research project.

2. The applicant’s mobility visit should have a minimum duration of 4 weeks and the amount not more than CHF 5,000 per grant.
b) Additional information for Swiss scientists going abroad
Applicants need to be scientists with a Swiss federal or cantonal university, university of applied sciences and arts or university of teachers’ education, or a public research institution.

Applicants with multiple nationalities, who have indicated the citizenship of a MENA country and who have attended high school in the same MENA country, cannot be considered for a stay in the MENA country they hold the citizenship. For example, an applicant with double Swiss and Lebanese citizenship, who attended high school in Lebanon, is not eligible for a stay
in Lebanon.

c) Additional information for scientists of the MENA region
Applicants need to be scientists with a government accredited, mandated or appointed, or a public research institute in their respective country.

Eligibility Countries

  • The following countries have been identified as priority countries for the first phase of the
    LHMENA: Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Qatar, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates.


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